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Beginner to intermediate level of experience. 

(for parents & supporters of children 11yrs & under with less than 4 years of experience in any genre.)

       - 10 exclusive videos
       -  Mindful exercise to download
       - Tips on how to get started
       - Tips for finding the right Teacher
         or Coach
       - How to effectively be a Conscious
       - Techniques for positive outcomes
       - 6 Principles to a successful and 
         happy journey within any
         activity (for both parent and                      child) and so much more!


Journey into the Arts

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Begin my journey now!
Edited Image 2014-7-12-21:12:30

"My ultimate mission is to help tiny talents and their families experience the journey with fun, happiness, ease & grace. Let's do this together." 

Price $55.55/month 

Pay with Credit, Debit, or Paypal!

Start Smart 4 the Arts accepts all major Debit, Credit Cards and currencies. Paypal will convert all currencies  

After purchasing, you will automatically be redirected to another link for the program. Please copy and paste this link for your records, to return back to the program for review. 

If you loose the links, just send an email and we will email you another one. All sales are final, but certain conditions do apply.

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