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Your resource for helping children thrive in the world of the arts.

"My ultimate mission is to help tiny talents and their families experience the journey with fun, happiness, ease & grace.

Let's do this together."


Discover how Start Smart 4 The Arts can empower you to effortlessly nurture your child's artistic & athletic talents, while also saving valuable time and money, all while creating the foundation for a joyous and harmonious family life. "Imagine a world where your child not only thrives but radiates pure happiness. Our program is your key to unlocking your child's fullest potential while nurturing their well-being. 

Empowerment: We empower parents & supporters to understand themselves better, resulting in fostering self-confidence and resilience for your little one.


Joyful Learning: Our approach makes learning a joyful adventure, igniting their curiosity and love for knowledge.


Positive Impact: Watch as your child blossoms into a happier, more confident individual, creating a positive ripple effect in their life and yours.


Supportive Community: We're here not just for your child but for you too. Join our supportive community of parents who share your vision of nurturing happy, thriving children.

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My ultimate mission is to help all artists & parents realize the absolute best gift anyone can give, is the gift of their own happiness.

Parents & Supporters,
A 100% Online Program for Your Convenience 
(for parents and supporters of children ages 15 months - 9yrs)

This online program is designed to work around your busy schedule and will help all parties awaken to their truest potential. By the end of this program, you will feel more at ease and will gain insights for saving time & money.

Are you Ready? Let's do this together!  

4 week Collective LIVE Online Course for Parents & Supports

This powerful 4-week online course will inspire, develop and transform your life. You will begin to support your child like never before while creating a life greater than you have ever imagined. But you have to be willing, ready and have to want it! Then you will EXPERIENCE AN ELEVATED AWARENESS OF YOUR SOULS AWAKENING!  ITS TIME!

Performing Arts Organizations, Academies & Schools
Book Your Workshops TODAY!

Join me to inspire young minds to thrive in a complex world. We're building the foundation for a lifetime of success and fulfillment through consciousness and critical thinking. As a guest speaker at your organization, we will take the first step towards your students, teachers & parents awakening together.

Supporting the Artists (STA) 

This journey is for all. Parents and supporters, you hold the key to unlocking your child's potential in our fast-evolving world. Start by nurturing their consciousness and fostering creative, critical thinking. Join us for this transformative experience!

Group therapy

Creative Artists (CA)
For ages 6 + yrs

Our coaching course equips young artists with lifelong tools for emotional awareness, creativity, and mindfulness. It's never too early or too late to unlock the power of the mind and emotions. Join us on this transformative journey!


Mindfully United (MU)

Experience an enlightening journey for parents and children alike. Parents learn to nurture their child's artistic growth and enhance their own awareness. Children gain a new understanding of parental awareness, fostering mutual vulnerability, growth, awakening, and happiness

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