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Empowerment is at the core of our approach.

Nichole LeShawn has been a performing arts teacher and entertainer for over 20 yrs. She's starred in 1000's of national & international live shows, commercials, 100's of print ads, TV & film, and more. She has taught thousands of children and labeled one of the greatest performing arts Master teachers. Let Nichole show you through her series of exclusive "Personal Educational Online Videos", exactly how you can gain the knowledge needed when placing your child in the field of the performing arts.

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Creative Artists
for ages 6 + yrs

This coaching course teaches young artist how to be more conscious and aware with their thoughts and emotions.  It's never to early or to late to begin understanding the work of the mind, and how the power of emotions play a major factor throughout this journey and throughout life. They will learn the tools for understanding their emotions, their craft and will gain the mindful tools that will truly last a lifetime.

  • Young artist will gain an understanding of Self-Expression from the heart vs the mind

  • Learn about their own emotions and how the power of their emotions effect the world around them​  

  • Learn how to enhance their ability to analyze situations and hear creative solutions within

  • Learn how to convey thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively.

  • Gain tools to become more flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances

  • Gain confidence in their abilities and decisions.

  • Gain the tools to become more conscious of the world's complexities and how their thoughts affect the world.

Supporting the Artist 


This journey is not just for kids, as its for all parties involved. Parents & supporters, you hold the key to unlocking your child's potential, in an increasingly complex world. The journey begins with nurturing their consciousness and fostering the art of creative, yet critical thinking. In a world that's evolving faster than ever, the ability to think deeply and critically is no longer just a skill—it's a necessity.

  • Parents will learn the pivotal role in unlocking their child's potential in a complex world.

  • Understand how to nurture consciousness & critical thinking in an evolving world.

  • Gain an understanding of how critical thinking with an awakened mind empowers children to analyze, question, and navigate information.

  • Learn a new way to teach, bond, and relax.

  • Learn an elevated way to guide and teach.

  • Gain the tools for an elevated level of thinking and listening from the heart.

  • Learn how critical yet conscious thinking crafts captivating choreography, educates, and inspires for life.

  • Learn how to effectively apply the work of the mind & body to live a longer, successful & more happier life, & more


Mindfully United

This workshop offers an interactive and enlightening journey for both parent & child together. It will empower parents to nurture their child's artistic growth by fostering awareness and intentionality.  It will give the child a different understanding of their parents awareness. This will empower and nurture each other's  vulnerability, growth, awakening and happiness.  

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w father holding daughter hand ballerina_edited.jpg
  • Parents will gain a better understanding of how to connect & support their child, like never before.

  • Students will gain a better understanding of how to connect with their parents

  • Parents and children will learn a new way to bond and understand each other like never before

  • Gain a grasp on the importance one's thinking & emotions

  • Learn how to awaken to the vulnerable, yet Real Self within

  • Learn how to utilize mirror work and eye connection for self confidence

  • Learn how to help each other regardless of age differences

  • Meet and converse with other parents, while learning how to grow together & gain new insights

  • Learn a new connection from the heart and so much more

Will you be the next organization to

awaken your performing artist?

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Credits include:

- Commercials: Sony, Nike, Univ. of Phoenix, Nestle, & more


- Model: Ulta, Wella Color Charm, Fat Curls, Essence Magazine,  

  & more 


- Choreography: The African Oscars, Cirque Du Soleil, La Femme -    International Film Festive, Me & My Girl the musical, Le 

     Miserables, Miss Africa America Pageant & more


- TV, Film: Box Office, The First President, Under the Sun, Dating     Savannah Love, etc…


- Music videos: Charlie Wilson, Googoosh, Tohi, Sarah Santilli, 


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