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Experience why thousands of parents & kids have started their journey with Start Smart 4 the Arts!

Nichole LeShawn has been a performing arts teacher and entertainer for over 20 yrs. She's starred in 1000's of national & international live shows, commercials, 100's of print ads, TV & film, and more. She has taught thousands of children and labeled one of the greatest performing arts Master teachers. Let Nichole show you through her series of exclusive "Personal Educational Online Videos", exactly how you can gain the knowledge needed when placing your child in the field of the performing arts.

Discover how Start Smart 4the Arts can empower you to effortlessly nurture your child's artistic talents, while also saving valuable time and money, all while creating the foundation for a joyous and harmonious family life.

This is only the beginning. It is a start in a new direction, a direction of pure joy, inner acceptance and happiness for the whole family. With powerful and timely support, children can achieve inner and outer greatness.

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This program is designed to work around your own schedule with 10 videos you can watch on your own time. As an expert, Nichole will guide you through the beginning steps of this journey. Imagine who you want your kids to become, now be that, without having any expectations. She will give you the tools how.

Online program includes a signed copy of the book.Get your copy TODAY

Begin my journey now!

       - 10 exclusive videos
       -  Mindful exercise to download
       - Tips on how to get started
       - Tips for finding the right Teacher or Coach
       - How to effectively be a Conscious Supporter
       - Techniques for positive outcomes
       - 6 Principles to a successful and happy journey

            within any activity (for both parent and child)                      and so much more!

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