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Imagine who you want your child to become, NOW BE THAT!!! 

Nichole LeShawn has been a performing arts teacher and entertainer for over 20 yrs. She's starred in 1000's of national & international live shows, commercials, 100's of print ads, TV & film, and more. She has taught thousands of children and labeled one of the greatest performing arts Master teachers. Let Nichole show you through her series of exclusive "Personal Educational Online Videos", exactly how you can gain the knowledge needed when placing your child in the field of the performing arts.

Welcome to our transformative 4-week online course for parents, designed to empower you on a multifaceted journey. In this immersive experience, you'll gain the skills and insights needed to consciously and effectively support your children in both the performing arts and sports.

Discover the profound impact of nurturing your child's talents and ambitions while finding harmony within your own emotions. We'll guide you in embracing inner peace, quieting the chaotic mind, and unlocking the potential for personal growth and family well-being.

Learn invaluable strategies to optimize your time and financial resources, ensuring you can fully support your child's pursuits without unnecessary stress. Plus, explore innovative ways to cultivate a mindset that fosters success, resilience, and innovation.

Join us on this empowering course, where you'll emerge not only as a supportive parent but also as a more confident, balanced, and resourceful individual. Elevate your family's journey, invest in your child's dreams, and embark on a path of self-discovery and transformation."

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4-Week Course Includes:

· Online Program (10 videos to Watch at your convenience)

· Free Book “Yep Looks Like She’s Ready! Are You?” (Personal signed copy)

· Live & Personable sessions with Nichole. (Get all of your questions answered.)

· Meet & converse with other parents from across the world. (Know that you’re not in      this alone)

· Learn how to save time & money

· Learn the Ins & Outs towards the entertainment industry

· Learn different & daily exercises to handle life’s stressors & calm your mind

· Cultivate a more relaxed environment

· Gain a happier & healthier relationship within yourself and with your children

· Give your child the gift that will truly last a lifetime


If you’re interested in my 4-week collective course, I would love to hear from you as you & your loved ones’ begin this amazing journey.

Book your free consultation with me today & let’s do this together.



Branden “ this course has been a breath of fresh air. Her perspective on mindfulness, health & wellness and how to support my son, has been the most important additions to my life. You are always in the best of hands with her teachings. She is truly a treasure in this world.”


Suzanne - Owner of a Self Care, Wellness & Meta Physical Shop (the Zen Den). “ This book, online program and course are phenomenal tools. Nichole is such a giving person of her energy, time and compassion. This is definitely one course you that you should invest in.”


Touché - Very impactful! With this course, you will become more aware of your thinking, learn how to release traumas within the body and learn how to self regulate. It will awaken you to your truest potential and will help you to become an exceptional supporter for yourself and for you child. 


Tim - “The arts are extremely important, so I am particularly happy about this course. I give Nichole the highest marks as a teacher, a mentor and an inspiration.”


Dr. Michael Beckwith - Author, new thought speaker, teacher and founder & director of Agape International Spiritual Center. Nichole teaches how once we make such a shift, our focus is no longer on what we believe we can’t, or shouldn’t do, but on what we are called and inspired to do. Her program is wonderfully insightful and a beautiful guide for how to awaken your inner guidance system to intentionally nurture your child’s creative passions & talents in a conscious way.

Looks like she is ready

Are you?

  • Find the right class and or teacher

  • Learn how to support a creative artist with confidence.

  • Establish trust and learn a new way to bond.

  • Awaken to your inner guidance system & creative spirit

  • Everyday practices and exercises for creating a happy journey.

  • Learn the most powerful daily practices of self-love and acceptance for both you and your child.

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