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YEP! Looks Like She is Ready, Are You?

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According to Nichole, nothing is more important than how you feel. Learn to navigate emotions on this adventurous rollercoaster ride. This book also covers how to:

  • Find the right class and or teacher

  • Learn how to support a creative artist with confidence.

  • Establish trust while learning a new way to bond.

  • Awaken to your inner guidance system & creative spirit

  • Everyday practices and exercises for creating a happy journey.

  • Learn the most powerful daily practices of self-love and acceptance for both you and your child.


Know it is possible to experience the journey of creative arts with fun, happiness, ease and grace, and it all begins with you. Give your child the gift of a lifetime by leading through the clarity of your example, because they mean the world to you, but you mean the world to them. 


Nichole's ultimate mission is to help all artist and parents realize, the absolute best gift anyone can give, is the gift of their own happiness.

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